One – day safari jeep Malta tours
with BBQ and cold drinks!

Hi, we are Agnieszka i Michał Haremzowie. We are a marriage living in Malta, actually in her little sister – Gozo.

PIGGY TOURS LTD was founded as a result of our love to amazing Malta and Gozo lansdapes. Now we want to share our love with You offering a special attraction in that amazing island!

Malta or Gozo jeep tour

PIGGY TOURS offers one- day Malta or Gozo tours. We are going to show You the most important places and amazing views – everything what You should see during Your holiday in Malta and Gozo.

Malta tour:

Gozo tour:

Full trip around Malta or Gozo takes about 8 hours. You have a chance to see all attractions in one day, otherwise You need to spend a week traveling with local buses. We pick You from Your hotel up (or any place You want) and drop You off at the same place when the trip is finished. No traveling – just from Your hotel room to our jeep!

*Please note! Taking part in Malta trip we pick You up from any place in Malta, taking part in Gozo trip we pick You up from any place in Gozo! Transport between Malta in Gozo is on Your own!

BBQ and unlimited cold mineral water FOR FREE – it’s included in tour price!

We know that hungry people are angry people so we are also going to take care of Your belly and we offer You a BBQ in the tour price included! Nothing tastes so good like BBQ in a beautiful scenery!

In Malta we offer You a BBQ sausage, bread and vegetables:


In Gozo we offer You a fresh BBQ fish, grilled potatoes and vegetables:



Why choose us?

  • nice and friendly staff
  • safari jeep car giving You fantastic joy – You can feel a wind in Your hair!
  • perfect relation between quality and the price: the fridge with cold drinks on board! Unlimited mineral water in a tour price included! BBQ included in the tour price (sausage with grilled bread and vegetables, ketchup, mustard)!


We are better than…:

  • Competitors: better relation between quality and the price (water tube, fridge, BBQ)!
  • Malta buses: save Your time! Instead of waiting on bus stops You can spend Your holiday enjoying a beach, see, bars and restaurants or swimming pool!
  • Rented car: narrow, twisty streets and left-hand traffic – it is not an advantage. It is Your holiday so You should relax and do not worry about anything!


Do You have any more doubts? Just contact us! We are ready to answer all Your question!



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