We start our Gozo Tour at 9:30 (in case of picking You up at the Mgarr Ferry Terminal or between 9:00-10:00 from any other place in Gozo).


Tour plan:

1. Citadel, Victoria

Surrounded by the walls citadel in the heart of Victoria dominates in the Gozo landscape.

We stop here for 30-minutes walk.


2. Ramla Bay/ Tal-Mixta Cave

Ramla is the biggest sundy beach in Gozo. The most amazing view is from Tal-Mixta Cave. It will stay in Your memories for a long time! You can reach the cave walking through the steep path from the beach or drive with us through the path among the fields (a little off-road!) that seems to leads to nowhere…

We are driving to the cave first. After admiring the amazing view we go down to have a walk at the sandy beach.

3. Sanap Cliffs

Steep, up to 105 meters high cliffs are another place where You can admire  amazing views! Unfortunately, this amazing place, far away from bus routes is very often passed over… You can’t miss it!

4. Dinner

We stop here for a dinner. We serve bbq fish with salad and chips. For children under 5 we suggest something from kids menu (for example chicken nuggets with chips or burger).


5. Inland Sea

Inland Sea is the lagoon of seawater linked to the sea through the narrow opening formed by a natural arch.


6. Fungus Rock

The rock situated at the Dwejra Bay. It is known because of the kind of mushroom that used to grow up at the stones. It was thought that the mushroom had a medical properties in the past… Finally it hadn’t, anyway the rock is the nature reserve now.



7. Dwejra and Blue Hole

The place known because of the Azure Window that collapsed at March 2017. Anyway the place is still wort of visiting because of spectacular views and amazing Blue Hole.



8. Ta’Pinu

The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu is the holy place where in XIX century people coud hear a Santa Maria voice. You can find inside some votives as gypsum, crutches, baby clothes and thankful letters to the Blessed Virgin of Ta’Pinu.

For those who can visit the Basilica inside, we stop for 30 minutes.

9. Wied il-Mielah

Rock Window, still not too popular among the tourists, probably because its llocation – far away from bus routes. Amazing, astonishing, really worth attention place!


10. Wied il-Ghasri

Beautiful passage among the rocky walls. If You want to reach the little beach You need to go down through 90 steps. But the most spectaculat view is from the middle of the way down. You can admire the beautiful valley and have a look at that fantastic place like at the picture below.


11. Salt Pans

Salt Pans extend at the Marsalforn area. Some of them are still used to acquisition of sea salt. This beautiful landscape is really worth attention!

Now it is time to finish our trip. We say “goodbye” and leave You at the ferry terminal or at Your hotel in Gozo!

Thank You!